Man and Van Hourly Rate- in London City

Relocating to the bustling metropolis of London can be exciting and tough. Among your daily tasks, moving is a big job. Using a man and van service in London can make it much easier. Knowing the hourly rates is important for a smooth experience.

Here’s a quick look: In London City, man and van hourly rates range from £30 to £100. This depends on things like the size of the van, how many movers you need, the distance, and extra charges.

Comparing quotes, talking about fees, and understanding how the pricing works can help make your move affordable and easy.

Come along as we explore these rates, figure out what affects them, and share useful tips for moving around the city.

Understanding Man and Van Hourly Rates in London City

The cost for man and van services in London depends on a few things. These include —

  • how big the van is, 
  • how many people are helping, 
  • how far you’re moving, 
  • and if there are extra charges. 

Let’s break it down:

Van Size

There are different sizes of vans for different moving needs. Small vans are good for fewer things, while medium and Luton vans can handle more.

The price per hour changes based on the van size, and bigger vans usually cost more.

Prices for Small Van

If you’re moving only a few things, choosing a small van is a smart and affordable option in London. Our prices depend on how many people you want to help with your move. If you need just —

  • one person, it’s £30, 
  • two people are £45, 
  • and three people are £55. 

You can also choose to load the van yourself at £25 per hour. Pick the option that fits your needs and budget, and you can book now for a smooth moving experience.

Prices for Medium Van

If you’re looking to move with medium-sized vans, you can trust our services. The cost of hiring a medium van in London is £65 if you only need one person to help with the move.

If you prefer two people, it’s £85, and for three people, it’s £100.

For self-loading with medium vans, the hourly rate starts from £35.

  • To have one person assist you, it’s £40.
  • For two people, it’s £55.
  • And if you need three people, it’s £65.

Prices for Luton Van

When you have a lot of things to move, more than what medium or small vans can handle, don’t worry. We offer Luton van service as part of our man and van services in London.

For one person, using a Luton van will cost £65. If you need two people, it’s £85, and for an extra person, it’s £100.

For Luton vans, the hourly rate starts from £45 if you want to load the items yourself.

  • To have one person help you, it’s £65.
  • For two people, it’s £85.
  • And if you need three people, it’s £100.

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Number of Movers

Whether you choose one person or a team of three to help you move, the price per hour changes accordingly; figuring out how much help you need is important to make the move efficient and affordable.


How far you’re moving affects the hourly rate. Some services charge per mile, usually between £1.25 and £2 per mile. Knowing the estimated distance helps you plan your budget.

Minimum Charges and Fuel Surcharges

Some services have a minimum charge, making sure they get paid for even small moves.

For longer distances, there might be extra charges for fuel. It’s crucial to talk with the service provider about these things to avoid surprises.

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Comparing Quotes: Decoding Inclusive vs. Non-Inclusive Pricing

When you ask different man and van companies in London for prices, it’s important to know how they charge. Some quotes include everything, covering all the costs, while others may add extra charges.

Check if the price includes VAT, and ask about congestion charges, as these might not be in the first quote they give you.

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Negotiating Fees: Tips for a Budget-Friendly Move

Talking about the cost of man and van services is common. Here are some tips to get a good price:

  • Job Size: If you have a lot to move, you might get a lower price. Talk about how much you need to move to see if the cost can be less.
  • Flexibility: If you can be flexible with when you move, you could get a better price. Moving during less busy times might cost less.
  • Potential Repeat Business: If you talk about using their service again or telling others about it, they might give you a better price. Expressing this could make them offer a more competitive rate.

Estimating Time: Calculating the Moving Equation

To figure out how long your move will take, think about how much stuff you have, how far you’re going, and how hard the job is. Tell your chosen man and van service these details for a better guess.

Being honest about any tough parts or special situations helps make moving day go smoothly.

Choosing the Right Van: A Size Guide for Every Load

Picking the right van size is really important for a smooth move. Getting the right size not only keeps your things safe but also helps you save money.

Considering Furniture Size

Look at how big your furniture is. This includes sofas, beds, tables, and other large items. Knowing their size helps you figure out how much space you need in the van.

Assessing Overall Load

Think about all your stuff, not just furniture. This means looking at how many boxes, appliances, and other things you have to get a full picture of what you need to move.

Van Options – Small, Medium, or Luton

  • Small Van: Good for moving a small amount of things. Works well for individuals or small households with not a lot of furniture.
  • Medium Van: Useful for moving a larger amount of things. A good choice for average-sized households with a fair amount of furniture and stuff.
  • Luton Van: Made for bigger moves. Best for households with a lot of furniture and things that won’t fit in smaller vans.

Additional Services: Tailoring Your Move

Man and van services often offer additional services that can impact the hourly rate. Let’s explore the following:

Packing Assistance:

  • Some services help you pack your belongings.
  • They can provide materials like boxes and packing supplies.

Furniture Disassembly/Assembly:

  • If you have big furniture, they can take it apart before moving and put it back together at your new place.

Item Disposal:

  • They can help get rid of specific items you don’t want to move.
  • This could include old furniture or things you no longer need.

These extra services may change the hourly rate. It’s important to understand the costs of each service to tailor them according to your needs and budget.

You can choose the services that fit your requirements. This allows you to customise your move and only pay for the specific assistance you need.

Weekend/Evening Surcharges: Decoding Non-Standard Time Costs

Many man and van services may apply surcharges for moves during weekends or evenings.

Understanding the rationale behind these surcharges and planning your move accordingly can contribute to cost-effectiveness. If possible, consider scheduling your move during standard hours to avoid additional fees.

Market Rates in London City: What to Expect

Man and van hourly rates in London vary based on the factors mentioned above.

On average, hourly rates can range from £30 to £100, depending on the size of the van and the number of movers.

It’s essential to research and obtain quotes from multiple providers to get a comprehensive understanding of the market rates in your specific area of London.

How to Pick the Right Man with a Van Service

Follow the below steps thoroughly to pick the right man with a van service.

Assess Your Moving Needs

  • Understand the size and nature of your move.
  • Consider the volume of belongings, furniture, and any special items.

Check for Licensing and Insurance

  • Ensure the man and van service is licensed and insured.
  • This guarantees that your belongings are protected during the move.

Read Reviews and Recommendations

  • Look for reviews online or ask for recommendations from friends and family.
  • Positive feedback indicates reliability and quality of service.

Inquire About Services Offered

  • Understand the range of services offered, including additional assistance like packing, furniture assembly, and item disposal.

Get Multiple Quotes

  • Obtain quotes from different man and van services to compare costs.
  • Ensure the quotes include all potential charges to avoid surprises later.

Understand the Pricing Structure

  • Know if the pricing is hourly or based on the distance.
  • Clarify if there are additional charges for fuel, parking, or congestion.

Check for Hidden Costs

  • Inquire about any hidden costs that may not be included in the initial quote.
  • This includes VAT, congestion charges, or fees for specific services.

Communicate Clearly

  • Clearly communicate your moving requirements and any unique circumstances.
  • Discuss potential challenges, such as large furniture or difficult access to the property.

Ask About Availability

  • Check the availability of the service on your desired moving date.
  • Ensure they can accommodate your schedule and timeline.

Evaluate Professionalism

  • Assess the professionalism of the service provider.
  • Prompt responses, clear communication, and well-maintained vehicles are indicators of a reliable service.

Check for Flexibility

  • Inquire about flexibility regarding changes in moving dates or additional services.
  • A flexible service can better cater to unexpected circumstances.

Consider Cost-Effectiveness

  • Balance the cost with the services provided.
  • Choose a service that offers value for money and aligns with your budget.

Review Contract Terms

  • Carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the service contract.
  • Ensure there are no hidden clauses or surprises.

Seek Recommendations from the Service Provider

  • Ask the service provider for any specific recommendations or tips for a smoother move.
  • Their insights can contribute to a more efficient relocation.

Trust Your Instincts

  • Consider your gut feeling about the service provider.
  • Choose a man and van service that instils confidence and trust.

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Wrapping Up

To sum up, figuring out the details of the man and van hourly rate in London City is really important for a smart and affordable moving experience.

Knowing what affects the hourly rates, checking different quotes, and discussing prices based on your needs are key things to do. By looking into these aspects, you can make sure your move to a new place goes well, and you get the most out of your budget.

So, when you’re planning a move to London City, understanding the hourly rate helps you manage your time and money wisely.


Why is it called a Luton van?

It’s called a Luton van because the first ones were made in Luton, Bedfordshire. They were initially produced by Bedford Vehicles.

How much does a box truck weigh?

Box trucks are usually 10–26 feet long and weigh between 12,500 to 33,000 pounds (Class 3 to Class 7).

How does a man with a van work?

A man with a van moves things for you, like helping you move to a new home or taking rubbish away.

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