Do my quotes include VAT?

Yes, VAT is included in all our prices.

Do my quotes include a congestion charge?

No, extra fee will be charged once the service is booked.

Will the driver help to load and unload the van?

Yes, with a small fee per hour, the driver will be happy to help if requested.

When should I book my service?

WE REQUEST A MINIMUM Of 48 hours in advance but if you need an emergency, please contact us on 07413060187 Paul

Do you charge extra for services outside of the M25?

Yes, we charge an extra fee based on the extra miles. The full price will be provided via email or phone call.

What is included in a quotation?

Every home & every move is different, so we customize our quotation to suit your specific needs and requirements. We offer a range of services and packing materials for you to choose from, which will all be included in your quote, including Packing in advance or delivering boxes & cartons for you to pack; disposal of unwanted items, etc.

All our quotes include liability insurance of up to £20,000, however, this can be increased if the value of your belongings is over £20,000. All we ask is for you to inform us of this so we can provide you with suitable insurance cover and an accurate quotation.

How do you calculate your removal charges?

Whether you are moving home or business, our quotes are individual and vary according to your specific needs and exact requirements.

Your quote is calculated depending on the following:

  • What size vehicle you will need for the total volume of your contents
  • The parking & access to load the vehicle
  • Size of the moving team required to carry out a safe move
  • What Packing Materials do you choose (if any)
  • What Services do you select
  • The destination postcode you are moving to & the access to the new property/premises
  • Any other special requirements or requests

Our quotes are very competitive and we promise an assured price for your Move.

Do you offer a packing service?

This is completely your choice, we can do as much packing or as little as you choose. We offer a range of services and systems that will help meet your packing requirements.

We can either pack and unpack everything for you, or just pack items for the removal, or if you prefer to pack yourself, we can supply and deliver high-quality packing materials to your door in advance, you will only be charged for the materials you use and we will collect any unused materials on your moving day.

How do I pay for my removals?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Debit cards or Credit cards secure payment system
  • BACS payment directly from your account into our secure bank account
  • Paypal
  • Cash

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