Commercial Removals London

Commercial Removals London moving requires special and unique care and planning. With documents, IT equipment, and furniture as well as workers to take care of, moving your business can be a migraine to arrange. Being a believed and trusted source offering professional commercial movers and capacity services, Chess Moving can help you plan, timetable, pack, and manage your commercial removals & relocations company.

Commercial relocations can be difficult, but our brand name is providing our commercial customers with a comprehensive commercial relocation service.

Our Commercial Movers London Price:

Medium van PriceLuton VanPrice
self load£30phself load£40ph
Driver + van£40phDriver + van£50ph
Driver + 1 helper£50phDriver + 1 helper£60ph
Driver + 2 helper£60phDriver + 2 helper£70ph
Driver + 3 helper£70phDriver + 3 helper£80ph

Moving home is stressful enough, so just imagine the chaos that could happen by picking an inexperienced removal firm to move your business.

Commercial removals london

What includes in our Commercial Removal Services:

  • Commercial relocations.
  • Hospital fit out and relocations.
  • Employee relocations.
  • Office Furniture Fit-Out.
  • Hotel Fit-outs.
  • Library relocations.
  • Business relocations.
  • Disposal of company furniture assets.
  • Business relocation project management.
  • Business records sequential secure relocation.
  • Shelving relocation and installation.
  • Relocation crate hire services.
  • Office furniture & equipment asset storage & tracking.


Working with several industries to move their business, we are an industry-standard commercial moving company. We move your business efficiently and safely within the city or interstate. Spending time on moving can cost your business. While running a business, you cannot perform any service or operation while your office is being moved. We, the office mover experts, take these into account.

So, we operate in such a way that your downtime will be minimal, and you will get a seamlessly smooth experience. You are going to start your business in a new place with new hopes, let us help you get pleasing inception. We know the urge for getting started as soon as well, so we operate accordingly.

With the help of our expert commercial relocation team, your business relocations have never been simpler from commercial relocations, business relocations, workers, hotels, libraries, or medical clinic relocations.

Moving Offices & Employees:

Commercial moving requires exceptional care and planning, with documents, IT equipment, and furniture as well as a worker to take care of. Chess Moving can also help you plan, pack, timetable, and deal with your commercial mover’s offices also, hotels, libraries, hospitals, and much more.

Office Fit-Outs:

From new development to repair of an existing property, single offices, or whole corporate business moves. Our expert project managers will tailor a package to suit your needs.

commercial movers

Hotel Fit-Outs:

Chess Moving is an expert in hotel fit-out and business movers with a demonstrated track record of working with builders, FF&E consultants project managers, and trades to ensure a seamless outcome. Removal of resources, equipment storage, and more is all part of the job.

Moving Libraries:

With thousands of books and archives, moving a library is a complex and time-consuming task. Our experts understand your needs. Based on that, we provide modern solutions that can meet your unique needs.

In terms of library relocations, the mover company must be experienced in this specific field. Our work experience with other libraries makes us eligible to serve you.

Before we sign a contract with you, we will make a plan, and estimate the time duration, and budget of the service. This way, we can ensure better service.

In addition to that, our experts are specially trained in library management. It gives us the upper hand as a library removal companies. We can transport your assets without any hamper regardless of the environmental condition.

What Makes Our Commercial Removals So Convenient:

Secure and insured move:

When it comes to moving your office, safety is the most important aspect. You don’t need to stress over your removals experience with Fantastic Removals. No matter if you are moving your business starting from one town to another or want to book our worldwide removals, your belongings are in the protected hands of removal services experts who have public liability protection.

Modern equipment and tools:

At the point when Fantastic Removals moves your personal belongings, it’s done with only well-maintained and consistently adjusted vehicles. The removalists drive Transit and Luton vans, furnished with tail lifts for smooth and safe loading and unloading of your personal things. Because of our large cargo capacity of the moving vans, we will have the option to transport all of your belongings securely and at affordable removal van costs.

A complete solution for your move:

So you require an overnight move, pressing and business storage services for your work gear, or moving box conveyance, Fantastic Removals is here to help you. We offer simple-to-plan commercial removals services performed by dedicated experts. We can finish small and large office removals or more muddled business relocation services, for example, piano removals, depending on your requirements.

Video survey:

If you need our removals services for a greater commercial property, we provide a video survey option. Through this data, we can precisely calculate the price of your service. You will simply have to show us via the camera on your mobile phone all your belongings on all the premises. The survey may be scheduled for the most fitting time and date for you.

Commercial Removals London:

Commercial Removals in London can mean a dramatic loss of productivity as well as stress and disturbance for faculty. With Easyway removals Man and Van, such problems such issues vanish because of painstakingly thought-about systems, great forward planning, and incredible IT relocation. We will give you a team leader who’ll be ready from the very beginning, guiding and directing you and your staff through every stage.

The most and main important part of a successful commercial relocation company is that they are smooth, with a well-thought-out timeline and great, logical lines of correspondence. We will guarantee that everyone is kept advised of all details and that all-important Health and Safety requirements are adhered to correctly.

commercial removals

Commercial Removals London Provides:

  • No Job too Big or too small.
  • Personal Move Manager.
  • Anytime Moves.
  • Aftercare.
  • Cost-Efficient.
  • Storage.
  • Self-Storage.
  • Technology Moves.

Commercial movers Tips:

Wrap Your IT equipment carefully:

When gearing up for a commercial move, securing your data is a top priority. Ensuring a smooth transition for your IT division is key, and here’s a user-friendly guide to help:

  1. Unplug and Bundle Cables:
    • Start by disconnecting all gadgets, bundling up their cables for a tidy move. This not only eases the packing process but also simplifies the setup at your new location.
  2. Bubble Wrap Protection:
    • If you’re handling the packing yourself, give your IT equipment some extra love. Wrap each piece in anti-static bubble wrap to shield it from potential scratches and static electricity.
  3. Embrace IT Boxes:
    • Pop your wrapped IT treasures into specialized IT boxes. These boxes are like superheroes for your gadgets, offering extra layers of protection. Don’t forget to label them clearly for easy identification.
  4. Document Cable Connections:
    • Snap a quick pic or jot down how those cables connect before unplugging. It’s a small step that pays off big when setting up your IT gear in the new space.
  5. Lean on the Pros:
    • Consider bringing in the experts. Professional movers who know their way around IT equipment can make the entire process smoother, ensuring your gear arrives safely.
  6. Unpack Smartly:
    • Once you’re at your new digs, prioritize unpacking the IT gear. Follow your cable notes, reconnect everything, and give it a test run. A little extra effort now ensures a hiccup-free return to business as usual.

Invest time in planning your budget:

When you set your objectives, invest some time planning how to fund them. Likewise, Commercial movers near me frequently include extra expenses for cleaning, storage, and packing materials.

You need to find the most ideal way to optimize your financial plan without breaking the bank. Talk about this with your moving coordinator. Top Removals can provide you with a lot of different services and also deals.

Consider hiring a storage unit:

On the off chance that you are moving long-distance or on very short notice, think about leasing a storage unit. In other words, your office stock will be secured and sure under constant supervision. On the other, you will have the option to relocate everything one step at a time.

However, It will be more costly to continue renting your former office space while preparing your new one than to employ a warehouse unit for a week or two. Top Removals can help you with that also. We can offer you a 24/7 CCTV checked storage facility in London, fitting your commercial requirements.

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Why should I choose Easy Way Removals for my commercial move in London?

Easyway Removals excels in providing seamless and stress-free commercial relocations in London. We are known for our carefully considered strategies, meticulous planning, and expertise in IT relocation. Our dedicated team ensures smooth transitions, minimizing downtime and disruptions for your business.

What services does Easyway Removals offer for commercial relocations?

Easyway Removals offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial clients. Our services include commercial relocations, hospital fitouts, employee relocations, office furniture fit-outs, hotel fit-outs, library relocations, business relocations, and more. We specialize in the disposal of company furniture assets, business relocation project management, and secure relocation of business records.

How does Easyway Removals ensure the safety of IT equipment during a commercial move?

We prioritize the safety of your IT equipment. All gadgets are carefully disconnected, and cables are bundled together. If you choose to pack yourself, our recommendation is to wrap IT equipment with anti-static bubble wrap and place them securely into specialized IT boxes. Our meticulous approach guarantees the protection of your valuable data during the move.

What makes Easyway Removals the ideal choice for commercial relocations in London?

Easyway Removals stands out due to our commitment to providing a complete solution for your move. Our services include secure and insured moves, the use of modern equipment and tools, and a dedicated team of experts to handle every aspect of your commercial relocation. We offer video surveys for accurate pricing and ensure a smooth, well-thought-out move with minimal disruption to your business operations.