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Among the myriad tasks we encounter in our daily routines, relocation stands out as one of the most challenging and, at times, exasperating endeavors. Opting for the assistance of a man with a van in London can significantly alleviate the burdensome nature of this task, allowing you to delegate the responsibility of moving to capable hands.

This proves particularly advantageous when faced with budgetary constraints. To facilitate your decision-making process, I’ve compiled some cost-effective man and van services in London, ensuring that your moving experience remains smooth and hassle-free.

Small man and van

Prices for Small Van

When it comes to relocating a few belongings, the most cost-effective solution is to enlist the services of an affordable man and van in London. If your residence contains only a modest amount of items, our small van service proves to be an ideal option. This ensures that you not only save money but also receive tailored assistance for your specific needs, making the entire moving process efficient and budget-friendly.

Our moving van prices depend on how many folks you need to help with your move. If you just need one person, it’s 30 pounds. If you prefer two people, it’s 45 pounds, and for three people, it’s 55 pounds. Pick the option that suits your needs and budget.”

For small vans, we charge from £25/per hour self-load.

  • Add 1 Man + Driver – £30
  • Add 2 Men + Driver – £45
  • Add 3 Men + Driver – £55

Medium Van

Prices for Medium Van

If you want medium vans for moving your things, you can also put your trust in us. Our cheap man and van hire london price for medium vans is 65 pounds. That is the price you’ll have to pay if you need one person to move.

Similarly, if you need two or three people to load your things into the van, you’ll need to part with 85 and 100 pounds respectively.

For medium vans, we charge from £35/per hour self-load.

  • Add 1 Man + Driver – £40
  • Add 2 Men + Driver – £55
  • Add 3 Men + Driver – £65


Luton man and van

Prices for Luton Van

Sometimes you have too many things to move, which can not be handled by even medium vans, let alone small ones. Fret not, as we also provide Luton van service as a part of our man and van London services.

For one person, a Luton van service will cost you 65 pounds. For a couple of people, you’ll need to pay 85 pounds and for an additional person, the cost goes up to 100 pounds. 

For Luton vans, we charge from £45/per hour self-load.

  • Add 1 Man + Driver – £65
  • Add 2 Men + Driver – £85
  • Add 3 Men + Driver – £100


Why Man with a Van Service?

Man with van services and removal services are not the same. Removal services handle both short and long distances, but a man with van service is best for shorter distances. They’re more budget-friendly, making them a good choice for smaller homes, students, and anyone on a tight budget.

Check out our man and van removal service page to know how we solve your removal needs.

Typically, man and van prices are influenced by the number of people you hire and the duration of the move. However, for those seeking the man and van price per mile, it ranges from £1.25 to £2 per mile. Understanding these factors can help you estimate the cost of your move more accurately.

To know more about the man and van service read this article “what is man and van service?

Comparison Of Man and Van Prices London

As mentioned earlier, London man and van prices depend on the number of people hired and the type of van. If you hire a moving van, depending on the size, you will need to pay between 30 to 100 pounds. 

On the other hand, hiring one person to move will cost you between 30 to 65 pounds. The cost of hiring two people is between 45 to 85 pounds. Finally, for hiring three people, you have to part with 55 to 100 pounds.


What Does Your Man With A Van Do?

Our man with a van moves your things from one house to another. We specialize in moving fewer things and smaller households for a cheap price. We also focus on moving inside towns and cities with the help of expert local movers. 

Do my quotes include VAT and congestion charges?

Your quotes will include VAT when we will provide them to you. On the other hand, congestion charges are not included in the quote, and you will be charged extra for congestion after delivery. 

How Quickly Should You Follow Up On A Quote?

We follow up on a quote as soon as possible. The average time for us to follow up on a quote is 2 days, but based on how urgently you need our service, we will follow up on it even earlier than that.