How Much Does Rubbish Clearance Cost in the UK?

how much does rubbish clearance cost

Keeping our homes clean is important for a happy and healthy life.

But not everyone has time to deal with the hassle of rubbish removal.

If you find this process hard, professionals can help.

Now, you might ask, “How Much Does Rubbish Clearance Cost in the UK?”

The cost of rubbish clearance in the UK varies. On average, it’s between £168 to £456.

This cost depends on how much rubbish you have, where you live, and the type of waste.

If you want extra services like clean-outs, you might have to pay more.

Now, let’s explore the things that decide these costs and help you understand the process better.

How Much Does Rubbish Clearance Cost in the UK? 

The cost of getting rid of rubbish depends on how much rubbish you have. If there’s a lot to dispose of, it will be more expensive.

Some companies charge based on the overall amount of your rubbish, while others may consider the size of a truckload or the weight of the rubbish.

  • ¼ Truckload (400 kg): The cost for disposing of a quarter of a truckload weighing 400 kilograms is £168.
  • ½ Truckload (700 kg): The cost for disposing of half a truckload, weighing 700 kilograms, is £264.
  • ¾ Truckload (1,000 kg): The cost for disposing of three-quarters of a truckload weighing 1,000 kilograms is £360.
  • Full Truckload (1,400 kg): The cost for disposing of a full truckload weighing 1,400 kilograms is £456.

Factors Affecting the Average Cost of Rubbish Removal

Apart from the amount of rubbish that fits in a truck, there are other things to think about before hiring someone to remove your rubbish. We’ll talk about each of these things in detail so you understand what makes up the total cost of the service.

Let’s explore the key factors that influence rubbish removal costs:

Your Location

Where you live is a big deal when you hire someone to take away your rubbish. The fees for permits can be different depending on your state and town.

The rules of the local government also affect how much rubbish removal services cost in your area. 

You might also have to pay extra for gas and parking if the person removing your rubbish has to make several trips from your home to the dump site.

Rubbish Type

The kind of rubbish you have is another thing that makes a big difference in how much rubbish removal costs.

For example, if you want to throw away yard waste, you might need a special permit or sticker for a nearby dump station, and that can cost extra. 

But getting rid of big items like mattresses or furniture might be even more expensive because they’re heavy and large.

Sometimes, these things can’t be recycled without taking them apart, which can add to the disposal cost.

Clean-out Services

Sometimes, the person or company getting rid of your rubbish might offer an extra service called a clean-out. This is an additional cost.

They might sort through your things and organise the rubbish properly. Additionally, they could offer a clean-up service after, getting rid of things like asbestos, dust, and mold that can be harmful to your health. 

The cost for this service depends on how big your room or house is, and you might pay more if you have a larger space to clean.

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Tips for Cost-Effective Rubbish Clearance

Tips for Cost-Effective Rubbish Clearance

Let’s explore some tips for reducing rubbish clearance costs:

  • Student Discounts: If you’re a university student, ask about discounts to save money on getting rid of your rubbish.
  • Eco-Friendly Waste Removal: Check out eco-friendly ways to get rid of your waste. These options might have different prices.
  • Dumpster Rental Costs: Compare how much it costs to hire someone to remove your rubbish with how much it costs to rent a big waste bin for you to do it yourself.
  • Residential and Commercial Costs: Know the differences in prices for getting rid of rubbish from homes versus businesses.
  • Reducing Rubbish Costs: Find ways to create less waste and lower the expenses for getting rid of what you do have.

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Why You Shouldn’t Go for the Cheapest Rubbish Removal

Even though the cost is important, it’s crucial to think about reliability and following the rules.

Choosing the cheapest rubbish removal without considering the facts below might cause various problems.  

It’s better to pick a well-known and licensed waste management service to make sure your rubbish is taken care of properly and legally.

Quality of Service

If you go for the cheapest rubbish removal, the service quality might not be good. Some very cheap companies may not follow the rules for getting rid of rubbish correctly or give efficient services.

Illegal Dumping

Companies that are not trustworthy might take your money, pick up your rubbish, and then dump it illegally. This hurts the environment and can cause serious problems for you as the owner of the waste.

Legal Consequences

If your rubbish is found dumped illegally, you could get into big legal trouble.

This might mean facing heavy fines, possibly up to £50,000, or even going to prison for a year.

It’s really important to make sure your rubbish is disposed of properly to avoid legal issues.

Accountability Issues

Choosing the cheapest option might mean dealing with a company that doesn’t take responsibility. If your waste ends up dumped illegally, you might be blamed, especially if you didn’t check if the rubbish removal company is reliable.

Risk of Unregistered Companies

Going for the cheapest service could lead you to companies that aren’t registered or aren’t honest.

If these companies aren’t following the rules, you might end up facing charges for not checking if the rubbish removal service is trustworthy.

Environmental Impact

Cheap rubbish removal services may not care about the environment. They might not use eco-friendly methods, causing harm to nature, like pollution and other problems.

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Wrapping Up

So, in the summary of “How Much Does Rubbish Clearance Cost in the UK?”, the price depends on things like how much rubbish there is, what type it is, where you are, and if you need extra services.

The average cost is between £168 to £456, but it’s important to think about your specific needs, where you live, and how it might affect the environment.

The real cost isn’t just the money—it’s also about getting rid of rubbish responsibly, thinking about the environment, and making sure the service fits what you need. 


What are the eco-friendly waste removal prices in the UK?

Eco-friendly waste removal in the UK can vary in price depending on the service and location, but generally expect to pay:

Small loads (up to a van load): £80-£200
Medium loads (up to a skip load): £200-£400

These prices usually include sorting, recycling, and responsible disposal of your waste at dedicated eco-friendly facilities.

What is the Residential rubbish removal cost in the UK?

Residential rubbish removal in the UK averages around £95, varying. Estimates suggest a range from £50 to £200.

What is the Commercial rubbish removal cost in the UK?

Commercial rubbish removal costs in the UK vary. Standard rates are around £102.10 per tonne, while lower rates for inert waste may apply, potentially around £14.50 per bag or box.

What is the impact of waste volume on clearance expenses?

The more waste you have, the more it costs to remove! Prices typically rise based on volume or weight, so expect to pay significantly more for larger clearances. Think single van load vs. multiple skips! ️

What are the tips for estimating rubbish clearance costs in advance?

Estimating rubbish clearance costs is simpler with a few key tips. First, assess the volume and categorise waste types for accurate estimates. Understand if pricing is weight-based and research local rates for benchmarks. Consider any additional services needed, check for volume discounts, and always inquire about potential hidden fees. Lastly, obtaining multiple quotes and planning ahead ensures a more informed and cost-effective rubbish clearance process.

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