How Much is Waste Removal in the UK? [2024]


How Much is Waste Removal in the UK? [2024]

You’re stuck in a sea of cardboard boxes, surrounded by the mess left after your big spring cleaning. Your living room, once neat, now looks like a battleground with forgotten toys, dusty gym gear, and piles of clothes everywhere. “How much is waste removal?” you ask yourself, frantically checking your phone for answers.

We’ve all been there. Whether you’re tidying up, fixing a DIY disaster, or just dealing with everyday mess, rubbish seems to pile up faster than we can handle. But before you give up and let clutter take over (or start building a mountain of bin bags!), this guide is here to help. 

Here’s the brief for you: Waste removal costs in the UK depend on how much rubbish you have and what type it is. Prices vary, but it’s important to find a reliable company to avoid any hidden fees or problems with disposal.

Let’s check out some different ways to clear out rubbish in the UK in 2024 and how much each option costs.

First, Know What Waste Removal is

First, Know What Waste Removal is

Waste removal is getting rid of garbage or unwanted stuff from your home or business. It includes —

  • collecting, 
  • transporting, 
  • and disposing of rubbish properly. 

Waste removal helps keep our surroundings clean and healthy.

How Much is Waste Removal in the UK?

How Much is Waste Removal in the UK?

First, let’s check out the factors that affect waste removal costs:

  • Amount of Waste: The more rubbish you have, the more it’ll cost to get rid of it. Waste removal companies might charge based on how much there is, how big the load is, or how heavy it is.
  • Type of Waste: Different kinds of rubbish can cost different amounts to dispose of. Big or dangerous items like mattresses, fridges, or TVs might need extra fees because they need special handling.
  • Labour Costs: Paying the workers who do the rubbish removal is a big part of the price. If it’s a tough job that needs lots of people or takes a long time, it’ll cost more.
  • Where You Are: Where you live can affect how much rubbish removal costs. Big cities like London usually have higher prices than rural areas.
  • Which Company You Choose: The reputation and quality of the waste removal company can change the price. Cheaper options might seem good, but it’s better to pick a trustworthy company to avoid extra charges or illegal dumping.

Average Costs of Waste Removal in the UK

Average Costs of Waste Removal in the UK

  • The average cost of waste removal in the UK varies depending on factors like volume, type of waste, and location, as we’ve already discussed above.
  • As of 2024, the average price range for rubbish removal specialists is £65-£495 per job, with an average of £265.


  • Hourly rates for rubbish removal typically range from £50 per hour of Labour (Ex. VAT).
  • Rates for rubbish removal typically range from £65 per cubic yard (Ex. VAT).
  • Skip bin hire costs around £165-£295 per skip bin, with an average of £255.
  • Man and van rubbish removal services charge approximately £54-£84 per hour, averaging £69.

Getting rid of rubbish with a qualified man and van team usually costs between £65 and £495 on average. This price can vary a lot because it depends on whether you’re just getting rid of a few things like old mattresses or clearing out a whole bunch of junk and filling up a big truck.

Compared to renting a skip bin, rubbish removal with a man and van team is usually cheaper for most situations. Sometimes, though, it might make more sense to get a skip bin, especially if you’re clearing out a lot of stuff at once. 

But for things like regular household clean-ups or getting rid of junk from a business, a man and van team is usually more affordable and easier to deal with.

Ways on How to Estimate Waste Removal Costs

Estimating waste removal costs is important to avoid surprises and ensure you’re not overpaying. 

Here’s how to do it:

  • Consider the Volume: Most rubbish removal companies charge based on the amount of rubbish you have. They may measure this by load capacity (like ¼ load, half load, full load), cubic yards, or weight. Knowing how much rubbish you have gives you an idea of the cost.
  • Check Average Prices: Look at the average prices for waste removal in your area. You can find this information online or by contacting local companies. Keep in mind that prices can vary depending on factors like location and the company you choose.
  • Factor in Additional Charges: Some types of waste may incur extra charges, such as hazardous items or bulky appliances. Make sure to ask about any additional fees upfront to avoid surprises later on.
  • Get Quotes: Contact several waste removal companies and ask for quotes based on the volume of rubbish you need to dispose of. Compare the quotes to find the best price for your needs.

Comparing Rubbish Removal Based on Volume, Load Capacity, and Weight

Comparing Rubbish Removal Based on Volume, Load Capacity, and Weight

Rubbish removal companies usually charge based on —

  • cubic yards, 
  • load capacity, 
  • or weight of the rubbish. 

Here’s what each method means:

  • By cubic yard: Companies measure the amount of rubbish you have in cubic yards. This helps them give you a rough estimate of the cost. One cubic yard is about the size of a tall fridge or two washing machines.
  • By vehicle load capacity: Some companies charge based on how much their trucks can hold. They might say things like “¼ load” or “full load.” Make sure the size of the truck matches what you need to avoid overpaying.
  • By weight: Some companies charge based on how heavy your rubbish is. This is more common for specialised services like construction waste removal. It’s harder for customers to estimate weight, so it’s usually better to go with cubic yards or load capacity for household rubbish.

Tips to Save Money on Waste Removal

Tips to Save Money on Waste Removal

Do you want to throw away rubbish without spending any money? There are legal ways to do it! You can get rid of unwanted rubbish from your home or business for free. But whether it’s worth the time and effort is your decision.

Here are easy ways to deal with your rubbish for free:

  • Fix up and reuse old stuff like furniture or electronics.
  • Try fun DIY projects, like making swings from old tyres or flowerbeds from wooden pallets.
  • Check if your local council offers free rubbish collection for certain items.
  • Give your unwanted stuff to friends or family who might want it.
  • Find someone on Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, or similar sites who will take your stuff for free.
  • Donate your rubbish to a charity.

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Contact Easy Way Removals for a Professional Rubbish Clearance Service

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Wrapping Up

So, that’s all about regarding, “How much is waste removal in the UK?” Figuring out how much it costs to get rid of waste in the UK can feel overwhelming. But if you know what affects the price, you can choose wisely. Whether you do it yourself, ask your council for help, or hire a rubbish removal company, it’s important to know what’s available. Just keep in mind that the price can change depending on how much rubbish you have, what type it is, and where you live.


How much does it cost to hire a skip in the UK?

Skip hire in the UK typically costs between £105 and £305 per week, depending on size and location. Bigger skips and longer hire periods will naturally cost more.

Why shouldn’t you go for the cheapest rubbish removal?

While tempting, the cheapest rubbish removal might be unlicensed, leading to illegal dumping and potential fines for you, as well as harm to the environment.

What is a rubbish removal cost calculator?

A rubbish removal cost calculator is an online tool offered by many companies to estimate your rubbish removal cost based on the amount and type of waste you have.

Which types of rubbish or waste incur additional surcharges?

Certain types of waste, like mattresses, fluorescent bulbs, car batteries, and tyres, have extra charges.

Has the price of rubbish removal changed in different parts of the UK?

Yes, it does. Rubbish removal is most expensive in London and the South East, while it’s more average or a bit cheaper in other areas of the UK.

Can I find out how much rubbish removal will cost without someone coming to my place?

Yes, you can. Many rubbish removal companies can give you a fair idea of the cost by looking at pictures of your rubbish or by your description. But sometimes, they might need to visit your place to be sure.

Are there ways to make rubbish removal cheaper?

Yes, there are. You can make it cheaper by fixing up, reusing, giving away, or selling the stuff you don’t need. 

Is the cost of labour added to the total price of rubbish removal?

The price should include the cost of labour and any other fees. If they need to do more work than they thought, they should tell you how much extra you’ll have to pay.

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