What is Rubbish Removal Service? A Detailed Guide

What is Rubbish Removal Service?

Are you tired of seeing heaps of stuff making your home or office messy? Maybe you’re planning to clean up but don’t know what to do with all the junk. Well, don’t worry! A rubbish removal service might be just what you need. But, exactly, what is a rubbish removal service, and how can it help you?

Here’s the brief: a rubbish removal service is a company that takes away your unwanted items and gets rid of them properly. They’re like cleanliness superheroes, hauling off anything from regular household garbage to big furniture and construction debris.

Let’s get into this detailed guide to find out more.

What is a Rubbish Removal Service?

Rubbish Removal Services help you get rid of unwanted stuff like rubbish, waste, old appliances, and furniture from your place. Their team comes to your property, picks up the waste from anywhere you need it, and puts it in their vehicles. Then, they take it to a proper waste station to dispose of it safely.

Why are Rubbish Removal Services important?

Feeling overwhelmed by rubbish? Here’s why a removal service might be your savior:

  • Convenience: When you hire a rubbish removal service, you avoid the hassle of dealing with rubbish disposal yourself. You don’t need to worry about renting a truck, lifting heavy things, or finding a place to throw them away.
  • Time-saving: Rubbish removal teams are experts and fast at their job. They finish the work quickly, leaving you more time to do other things.
  • Environmentally friendly: Rubbish removal companies care about the environment. They make sure rubbish is thrown away properly according to the rules. They also try to recycle and manage waste to lessen harm to the environment.
  • Safety: Getting rid of certain types of rubbish, like construction waste or dangerous materials, can be risky. Rubbish removal pros have the right training and tools to handle these safely, which ultimately lowers the chance of accidents or injuries.
  • Variety of services: Many companies offer different options, like green waste removal for yard trimmings or specific services for bulky items like mattresses.

Who Provides Rubbish Removal Services?

Who Provides Rubbish Removal Services?

Different types of organisations provide rubbish removal services. These include —

  • specialized man & van rubbish clearance companies, 
  • small independent operators, 
  • skip hire companies, 
  • traditional moving companies (who also take away junk when moving), 
  • charities, 
  • and your local council.

Every council must offer a service to collect large household items at a subsidized rate for its residents. Some councils offer this for free, but most charge a fee, which has been increasing over the years. This service usually covers furniture, appliances, and household items, but not construction or home improvement waste, as that’s considered “trade waste” and not subsidized by the council. 

Council collection appointments may take about a week, and items must be placed outside for pickup. While it may not be the most convenient option, it’s usually cheaper than private services, so it’s worth checking your council’s website for details.

Private waste companies may cost more than the council, but they accept a wider range of bulky waste, not just household items. Unlike council crews, they’ll collect from anywhere on your property, including upstairs and the back garden. They’re also available on short notice and offer specific arrival times, so you don’t have to wait all day. 

Prices from small independent operators may be lower than those from larger companies. However, if you choose a small operator, make sure they have a waste carrier licence and adequate insurance for waste removal.

Some charities, like the British Heart Foundation, offer free collection services for good-quality items that can be resold. Make sure to contact them if you have items in good condition. But for items that are clearly rubbish, it’s best not to waste their time or yours.

What Types Of Waste Can Rubbish Removal Companies Collect?

Rubbish removal companies can collect various types of waste, depending on their license. Typically, they can take non-hazardous waste, such as wood, metal, large items, furniture, electronics, illegally dumped waste, small miscellaneous items, garden waste, and construction materials.

However, due to safety and licensing rules, most companies cannot collect:

  • Asbestos
  • Soil
  • Medical waste like needles
  • Gas cylinders
  • Liquids like oils, fuels, and paints
  • Truck or tractor tyres
  • Hazardous or dangerous materials.

How Does a Rubbish Removal Service Work?

Wondering how to use a rubbish removal service? It’s quite simple! Here’s a typical process:

  • Assessment: When you contact a rubbish removal service, they’ll check how much and what type of rubbish you have. This helps them decide what tools, equipment, and people they need.
  • Quotation: After checking, the rubbish removal company will tell you how much it will cost. The price can change depending on how much rubbish you have, how heavy it is, and if you need extra services.
  • Collection: On the day you agree, the rubbish removal team will come to your place with the right tools and trucks. They’ll load up the rubbish safely, especially if there are dangerous things.
  • Transportation: Once they pick up the rubbish, they’ll take it to the right place for disposal. Rubbish removal companies often work with recycling centres and waste places to get rid of rubbish properly.
  • Disposal: At the disposal place, they’ll sort through the rubbish. Things that can be recycled get separated, while other stuff is thrown away in a safe way.
  • Cleanup: After taking away the rubbish, the team will make sure your place is clean. They’ll tidy up any mess left behind, so your space looks nice and tidy again.

How Do Rubbish Removal Companies Charge?

Rubbish removal companies usually base their charges on the size and weight of the waste they’re collecting. To get an accurate quote, you can send them pictures of the rubbish. If that’s not possible, they can usually give you a good estimate over the phone.

Companies often use measurements like cubic yards to describe the volume of waste. This might sound confusing, so make sure to ask for clarification if you’re not sure what you’re paying for.

It’s important to make sure the quote you get is clear and doesn’t hide any extra fees. Usually, VAT will be added to the initial cost. Some companies also charge for the work they do on top of the volume of waste, which can make the final price higher.

At Easy Way Removals, we include all the labour and waste transfer costs in our prices, so there are no surprises. Our prices are clear, and our team can explain them to you in detail if needed.

What Paperwork Should Rubbish Removal Companies Give You?

After finishing a rubbish removal job, the company should provide you with an invoice and a waste transfer note. These documents need to include the company’s —

  • licence number, 
  • registration number, 
  • address, 
  • VAT number (if they charge VAT), 
  • and contact details. 

For bigger jobs, especially in commercial places, a good company will also provide a RAMS document.

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What are Some DIY Rubbish Removal Tips?

What are Some DIY Rubbish Removal Tips

Feeling adventurous and want to tackle some rubbish removal yourself? Here’s how to remove rubbish through a few DIY tips:

  • Sort and separate: Divide your rubbish into categories like recyclables, general waste, and any hazardous materials that require special disposal.
  • Utilise your bins: Make sure you’re maximising the space in your regular rubbish and recycling bins.
  • Rent a skip bin: For larger projects, consider renting a temporary bin to hold all your waste.

But remember, for bulky items, hazardous materials, or large amounts of rubbish, a professional removal service is often the most efficient and eco-friendly solution.

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Why Choose Easy Way Removals? 

At Easy Way Removals, we offer great removal and related services in London. We’re proud of our fast and efficient work style, making sure we meet your needs quickly. When it comes to clearing rubbish, we prioritise keeping your home clean and your reputation intact. 

Our cleaning and recycling methods are eco-friendly, helping the planet while keeping your place clean. Plus, our Same Day Rubbish Removal service ensures a quick and easy experience that is just right for you. 

Many happy customers have chosen us for our excellent service. Join them and pick Easy Way Removals for a smooth rubbish removal experience.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, a rubbish removal service is a helpful way to get rid of unwanted stuff quickly and responsibly. Whether it’s household junk, big items, or construction waste, these services make it easy and save time. They also care about the environment. So, if you’re wondering, “What is a Rubbish Removal Service?” just remember it’s the easy way to clean up and make your space tidy again.


How often should rubbish be removed?

Weekly removal is a good rule of thumb, but adjust based on how much rubbish you generate and if you have large projects.

How long does a typical rubbish removal process take?

The duration of a typical rubbish removal process varies based on the volume and type of rubbish, typically taking a few hours to complete. Larger or more complex jobs may require a day or more to finish.

How much does it cost to get rubbish removed in the UK?

The cost of rubbish removal in the UK depends on factors like volume, type of waste, and service provider, ranging from £65 to £495 for standard household clearances. Specialised services or larger projects may incur higher costs.

Is there a specific process for booking rubbish removal services?

To book rubbish removal services with Easy Way Removals, request a minimum of 48 hours in advance or contact Paul for emergencies at 07413060187.

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