5 Tips While Moving out for the first time UK: Everyone Must Know!

Moving out for the first time uk

Preparing to move out for the first time? Well, it is certainly a life-changing moment in every person’s life. After all, a person’s entire life gets drastically changed with this single decision. And living on your own is indeed one of the toughest and most challenging things in life that teaches a person how hard life can be!

Apart from the financial assistance, leaving your parent’s home is always hard unless there is an exception.

However, by keeping the essential things sorted out and following useful tips for moving out for the first time in the UK, the overall process can become easier and more convenient.

Read on to learn more!

5 Moving out for the first time UK Life-saving Tips To Follow!

Moving out for the first time in the UK is undoubtedly one of the biggest steps that completely changes our life.

Here is a list of the 5 moving out useful tips, following which, as instructed, will prepare you accordingly and make things easier:

1. Get your finances in check

You most likely had some sort of personal financial safety net while you were still living at your home. However, now that you are planning to move out on your own, it’s more than necessary that you have knowledge about certain things.

Check finance condition

Such as what a budget is and how you need to maintain all your living and other expenses within this limited budget. The moment you think about moving out, you will be the sole person responsible for all your expenditures. So, make sure to get things straight in mind and prepare beforehand before taking this drastic step.

A. Some Uk bills to know before moving include: Start keeping track of your monthly earnings and do an exact calculation of your average monthly expenses. The better is to make a list of all the must-haves and other not important expenses. So you can get a rough figure of your monthly expenditures. For instance, how much you will have to spend on fixed expenses and how much you can afford things.

B. Do proper planning of your budget for moving out, taking into account the expenses of hiring a house removal company, man and van, or renting a moving truck. Besides, you can always talk with commercial movers to get an estimation of how all this moving can cost you, based on the current market prices.

C. Calculate how much money you’ll have left over to spend on the items you’ll need for your first house. Make sure to put some extra money away in the months before your move as you may need to pay a deposit in addition to your first month’s rent.

2. Time to get a steady job!

Congratulations, you are finally an adult! And as a responsible adult, it is your duty to earn a living of your own. So you can do all the payments within the deadlines.

In case your entry-level job doesn’t even cover the house rent, then perhaps it’s not the ideal time to move out on your own. After all, gaining financial stability is of utmost importance. Otherwise, living all alone will soon become a nightmare.

Well, don’t let that discourage you! As with time, you will gather experience, and in no time, your small paycheck will turn into a fat one.

3. Find a suitable place for living

Suitable living place

Although this may take some time, that time will certainly be worth it. At times, you may feel like giving up, and being frustrated, you tend to rush things out. However, don’t make that mistake as if you do it, then chances are high that you may end up in the wrong place.

Remember, the more you search for a house with a cool head, the more you will be able to crack a great deal. Some of the ground rules while searching for a house is sticking to the rent budget, selecting a nearby location, transportation facilities, safe to live in or not.

One of the best mediums to begin your hunt is your various social media profiles. Such as going through all the listings on Gumtree, OnTheMarket, Open Rent, Rightmove, etc.

4. Make a schedule for your chores

It can be tempting to relax a little during the first few months of your independent living.

Schedule for chores

A bathroom full of grime layers, a sink full of unwashed dishes, and laundry that is never folded—mere imagining is enough to give one goosebump. We assure you that after a while, you’ll regret allowing the situation to worsen.

That’s why it is better that you note down a chores list as soon as you move in. And, of course, follow it strictly. For instance, list the weekly’s important responsibilities in detail wherever you can see them. And once you have finished doing it, cross things off using a chalkboard or whiteboard to keep track.

5. Practice good habits before moving out

In case you have a flatmate, get them on work as well. The best is to split the work in half between you. As a result, both of you will have equal contributions and thus will not be a burden to the other person.

In case you always have to lead an easy life without doing any household chores or staying under a limited budget, then now is the time you start changing these habits. The sooner you will be able to develop these good habits, the smoother the move-out life will be.

For example, keep a strong check on your budget, maintain cleanliness and finally, lead a routine life.

Moving out for the first time checklist the UK

Moving out checklists

Below is a list of the important items that you need to keep ready at any cost for staying comfortably at least on the first day and night in your new house:

1. Bed

2. Curtains

3. Toolkits (hammers, screwdrivers, nails)

4. Shower curtain

5. Step stool

6. First aid kit

7. Cleaning supplies

8. Toilet paper

9. Electronics components (chargers, batteries, extension leads)

10. Kitchen basics (plates, mugs)

Closing Notes

Moving out for the first time in the UK is indeed a tough call for anyone. There are many things that may cause you problems, including a distance from your job and a change of school for your child.

You may have mixed feelings or emotions when moving out. Well, it is normal and happens to everyone. However, following some valuable tips for moving out as listed below, and taking the help of a professional moving company can certainly turn things around.

From paying attention to the slightest details to doing heavy work – nothing gets missed out. After all, they are the experts in this field and know exactly how things tend to work.

No more facing hassles and inconvenience while moving out. Lastly, Happy moving!


Check out the below queries regarding moving out for the first time in the UK to get all your doubts clarified:

How much money should you have for moving out of the UK?

As a general guideline, aim to have 3 months’ worth of your anticipated living expenses set aside. With this little cash in hand, you will be able to ride out of any unwanted situations. For instance, finding yourself suddenly without a job and with debts to pay.

How much time is needed to move to the UK?

Well, the answer varies from person to person. However, as a standard timeframe, it can take around up to 6 months or more to move to the UK.

What to expect when you’re moving out for the first time?

Moving out is always like an emotional rollercoaster ride, filled with delight, horror, excitement, and an intense level of anxiety. All at the same time!

Although you will get a lot of freedom here, at the same time, you will be occupied with a pile of responsibilities. Such as determining your budget and remaining on that budget, no matter what!

How quickly can you move to a house UK?

On average, it typically takes between 6 weeks to 13 weeks, depending on your lawyer, local government, and other parties involved (including you) handling all the documentation and requests.

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