How to move houseplants when moving house?

How to move houseplants when moving house

Moving into a new house comes with a lot of work and hassles, especially if you have your houseplants with you. After all, for some of us, our house just doesn’t seem or feel like a house to us without our houseplants.

As a result, it automatically rounds us up to the question, “How to move houseplants when moving house correctly?”

Luckily, there are some valuable moving house tips following, which, properly as instructed, will for sure keep your houseplants in tiptop shape, no matter the distance. In fact, by knowing all these things, you will be able to move in plants like a pro the next time.

All it needed is taking the right preparations! Want to know details?
Keep reading to find out how to move large house plants to a new house.

How to move houseplants when moving house?

Houseplants are like our very family members to us. In fact, many people consider them as their little babies and take special care of them.

pack house plants for moving.

No wonder, despite all the stresses of moving them, the first thing that strikes their mind is how to move long distances with plants safely while having a tough ride ahead.

Well, the good news is there is a handful of options using which accordingly will certainly help you to move in your houseplants safely and sound.

Don’t believe it? Here’s to how to move plants to a new house:

Before moving in

Before moving time, there are some important steps that you need to follow at all costs. After all, plants are extremely delicate and sensitive. Hence, they also need a bit of preparation to be able to endure all the upcoming changes to their environment without getting wilted or broken.

Things to follow:

Three weeks before moving day

Your first task is definitely repotting the plants from the clay pots into shatter-resistant plastic pots.

reduce soil from potted plants

However, one thing you must ensure while doing the repot is they are of the same size. Otherwise, you will have trouble repotting the plants.

Two weeks before moving day

Next up, prune the larger-sized plants by pinching back the newer-growth ones with your thumb and forefinger. And then remove the dead leaves, limbs, and flowers using a sharp scissor or gardening shear.
The pruning will make the plants compact for convenient handling and transportation.

Besides, it will also ensure a healthy, bushy, and appealing plant production right after your shift. One thing to note is don’t prune the ferns and the succulent plants, such as cactus, jade plants, aloe, etc.

One week before moving day

Here, you must check the plant properly to see if there are any insects and parasites. In case you apply insecticides, make sure to exercise caution and follow the label instructions as directed. The same goes for pesticides. Make sure to dispose of all the pesticides before moving in with the man and van.

Two days before moving day

Always water your plants regularly from time to time. But don’t make the mistake of overwatering them.

watering the plants before movingOtherwise, excessive water usage may cause them to freeze in cold weather or increase the fungus growth in warm weather.

Moving Day

The day to move in has finally arrived. Prepare by starting the packing of the plants either before the night or in the morning time of your move day.

Here’s how to pack house plants for moving:


For taller plants, make sure to pack the sphagnum moss into the top of every pot. After then, do the wrapping of each of the pots using an old bed sheet or tissue paper, and then tie them up with string or tape to avoid the branches from breaking and making any kind of a mess.

large plants wrapping for move


Here, you have to place each of the pots in a box in such a way that it fits just perfectly at the bottom layer. For this, you can even use regular moving boxes, such as dish packs.


If required, you can even pack the paper in the box around the pot base. Doing so will make sure that the pots are held tight in place.

packaging plants

However, make sure to punch in some air holes in the box sides by loosely fastening them. As a result, it will ensure that the plants can breathe in properly.


Now comes the time to do some labeling. Set the boxes upright and mark the top and sides of the boxes clearly. Do this process with extreme caution as a slight mistake of yours can ruin the process.


Here, your job is to keep the temperature in your car at a comfortable level, neither too hot nor too cold. As for plants, both cold and hot temperatures are harmful.

Once you are finally home

You have finally arrived at your new home. It’s essential that you get your plants back in the same condition as they were at your former house.

Steps to follow:


Without any further delay, get into unpacking your plants as soon as possible. Start doing so by removing the plants via the bottom layer of the box to avoid any kind of breakage.

moving with plants


After all the unpackings are done, place the plants right back in the same size pots as the ones you used before the shifting.


Refrain from transporting all the plants here and there till they become completely acclimated.


In case your plants suffer from any kind of transportation shock after the shifting, then give them a few days of time to recover. They will get healed with time until any severe things happen to them.

To Sum Up

That’s all regarding the discussion from “How to move houseplants when moving house?”

Moving the houseplants while moving the house is certainly a tough job that comes with a lot of hassles and hard work. But if you know the exact way to move items, then certainly it will become simple work.
Just be patient, and thus with a bit of attention, your plants will be back in action to bloom in their new house in no time if all the things are done correctly.

Besides, if needed, you can also choose a commercial removal company that has expertise in doing all these works and get your done with total elegance.

Lastly, Happy moving in! and one important thing you should know is “How long does it take to move house?“.

Frequently Asked Question

Planning to move into a new house but worried about your houseplants? Have a look at the below most asked question regarding how to move long distances with plants, and in case you have any doubts, now is the time to get it clarified:

How do you move indoor plants without killing them?

While moving indoor plants, do the packing with utmost care. First, tape the box bottom tightly and then place each of the pots in one plastic bag. After then, close it off at the plant base to retain the moisture and avoid the dirt from creating a mess or spill.

Lastly, carefully put the plants into the boxes and fill in the empty area with the packing papers. If you can do it exactly as stated, then no matter the distance, your indoor plants will remain healthy and safe.

How do you transport houseplants?

For moving in the houseplants, place each of the plants in the moving boxes. The larger plants require a box for themselves, while the smaller ones can share. If they don’t have any space to move, then, in that case, you can use packing paper or bubble wrap to fill in the spaces between the box and the pots.

How do you move houseplants in the winter?

In the winter season, wrap the big-sized plants with newspaper, paper bags, or old bedsheets properly to avoid any breakage from happening. Repot the plants if needed and place the unbreakable ones in the box.

Do a snug fit by pruning some air holes into the box; this will ensure adequate air passage by letting the plants breathe in properly.

Do packers and movers transfer plants?

Of course, they do. For any long distance, you must get your plants shipped under the direct supervision of the packers and the movers.

In fact, taking the help of a removal company is the best way to keep plants safe from any kind of damage. For doing so, you can take the help of any top-rated commercial removal companies for transferring the plants properly.

Should I water my plants before or after moving?

To prevent the soil from being soggy and parched, you must water your houseplants a couple of days before the house moving date, except for the summer months. This will ensure they get adjusted to the environment a bit along with keeping their lighter throughout the journey.

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