Guide on How to Move a Shed with Confidence

Guide on How to Move a Shed with Confidence

Moving, no matter what you move, is full of hassle. Whether you move home or office, you have to make specific plans to move it. Your shed is not an exception to this either. But unlike your home, you don’t move just your items inside the shed when you move it, rather you also move the shed itself.

To move your shed, you first have to collect all the tools necessary, such as rollers, jacks, pry bars, etc. Then you have to empty your shed and lift the shed using the pry bar. Next, you need to place the rollers under the shed, and after securing them to the rollers, slowly move them to the new destination using a dolly. Finally, you should place the shed down and secure it in its new place.

Let’s see how to move a shed properly through our step-by-step guide.

How can I move my shed?

Unrealistic as it may seem, you can move your shed like any piece of furniture in your home. But to do this, you need to be extremely careful, and you can’t do it alone. So, before you move your shed, you should get at least two people to help you, and you must also check the local rules and regulations regarding moving a shed by hand.

Once everything is in place, here is how to move a shed by hand.

1. Gathering the necessary equipment

Gathering the necessary equipment

How to move a garden shed is an elaborate and tricky procedure. To make sure you can move it properly and easily, you have to have all the tools necessary. These tools are:

  • A pry bar
  • Jacks
  • Rollers or skids
  • A Dolly
  • A trailer or a Truck
  • Miscellaneous hand tools

2. Selecting the new location

Most of the time, when moving a shed, people go through this because previously those were in a not suitable spot. They might be in a place that collects a lot of water, or the shed might be causing legitimate issues for the neighbors.

So when moving a wood shed you should put it in a place that is safe from weather conditions, while also not disturbing the neighbors.

3. Emptying the shed

Before moving a shed without dismantling, you will need to empty it. Remove all the items from inside the shed and make sure you have nothing inside it. Even remove all the gutters and other protruding attachments inside it.

4. Lifting the shed

Lifting the shed

Once your shed is empty, you have to lift the shed with a pry bar. Don’t lift the corners of the shed too much, and once you lift them, secure them by sliding jacks under them. If you want you know how to move a shed without dismantling, you must follow this. 

5. Placing the rollers

Once all four corners of the shed have been lifted, you have to place rollers at each corner of it. You should also get these rollers under the support structures. Doing so will ensure you can move the shed along these rollers smoothly.

6. Moving the shed

Moving the shed

Once you place the rollers, you need to secure the shed to it using ropes or straps. This will ensure the shed can move along the rollers smoothly. Then you have to use a dolly to slowly move the shed to its new location.

You should take breaks when moving the shed, this will ensure you remain safe and healthy during the move. You should also keep an eye on the movement of the shed so that it doesn’t move away from the rollers or become unbalanced.

Learn how to shift heavy items safely and injury free by following the right kinetic lifting techniques.

7. Putting the shed in its new position

Once the shed has been moved to its new position, align the shed to its new spot and level it. If you need to make any adjustments, adjust the rollers accordingly. Next, you have to lower the sheds to the new position using jacks.

8. Reinstall the Items

Reinstall the Items

Once the shed is lowered and secured to its new position, you need to bring it back to its former glory. Install the gutters, downspouts, etc back into the place. Then place all the items you had removed before.

Final Words

If you know how to move a shed properly, you can reduce a lot of hassle as well as the risk of damaging the shed itself. All you need are a few helping hands and the necessary tools to accomplish the task.


How long does it take to move a shed?

There isn’t a fixed timeframe to move a shed. The time taken to move the shed depends on the number of items inside the shed, the size of the shed, etc.

How long does a shed last?

Depending on the type of material the shed is made of, a shed can last more than 25 years. Vinyl sheds are one of the most durable types of shed.

What are the best types of rollers?

Rollers are one of the most important tools to move your shed. So you need durable rollers such as PVC, timber, or metal pipes to successfully move the shed.

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