What to Do Before the Movers Come – 8 Moving Tips

what to do before the movers come

Moving to a new home is like starting a new adventure. But, to make it smooth, you need to do some simple things before the movers arrive. So, what to do before the movers come? Let’s keep it easy – before they show up, tidy up your stuff, put things in order, and make a list to make moving day easy.

In this blog, we’ll share some pro tips to get you ready before the movers come. It’s all about getting things in order and making sure your move to the new place goes well.

Let’s get started.

What to Do Before the Movers Come – Moving Tips

Moving can feel like a big job, but if you plan ahead and get ready, it can be a lot easier and less stressful. Here are some pro moving tips for everything you should do before the movers arrive:

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

Moving to a new place is a good reason to start giving away, throwing away, or selling things you don’t want. Before moving, check all your stuff and only bring what you still want or need. This makes packing and moving easier because you have less stuff to carry.

Sort Your Things for the Movers

Be aware of things movers can’t move, like food that can spoil. You can give away or gift perishable items to friends or family. For other things, it’s important to label them correctly. Some things might be delicate, others you don’t want to move, or items you want in a specific spot. Whatever the reason, labelling and sorting your items will make a move easier. Keep your important documents and personal things separate to make sure they don’t get lost during the move. Also, keep your necessary items like extra clothes, toiletries, and things you need for the next few days with you while the rest of your stuff goes to your new home.

Make a List of Your Stuff

Make a List of Your Stuff

Write down everything you’re moving and take pictures of important things. This is important to make sure you don’t lose anything during the move and to stay organised when unpacking. For important items, list details like brand, price, condition, serial number, and type. This way, you can check if anything got damaged or is missing.

Clean and Get Your Things Ready

When you’re getting your things ready for the movers, make sure nothing is dirty when you pack it. Your stuff should be clean and dry to avoid damage during the move. Clean and dry important things like kitchen appliances, trash cans, and shelves. Also, take off and wash sheets, clothes, towels, delicate items, and so on. Don’t forget a crucial step: empty any items that use fuel before taking them with you!

Get Ready for Professional Packing

If you choose to have experts pack your things, here’s how to prepare:

  • Put small things in small boxes, like office stuff and other little items, to make things faster.
  • Have extra packing stuff just in case.
  • Talk to the movers and tell them how you’ve organised your things and where you want them to go.

No matter if it’s for an office or home move, there’s no denying that hiring a professional mover and packers can greatly simplify your moving journey.

Get Your Home Ready for Movers

Before the movers arrive, it’s good to get your old home ready for moving big things. You want to make sure your house stays in good shape to sell, so use thick blankets and cover corners to protect from bumps and scratches. Measure doorways and furniture for a safe exit to speed up the moving process. Before moving large items, take down hanging pictures, clocks, and decorations to avoid breaking anything on the way out.

Get Ready for Movers at Your New Place

Remember to plan not just for movers at your old home but also for when they arrive at your new place. Depending on where you’re moving, think about these things to do before moving into a new house:

  • Tell your movers about possible issues like small stairs, parking, or specific moving hours.
  • Make sure the movers have a parking spot close to your new place.
  • If you’re moving to an apartment, book the elevator to make things faster.
  • Be there on a moving day! It’s important to oversee the moving process.
  • Keep kids and pets away for safety.
  • Check the weather – you don’t want to be stuck moving everything in the rain.

Take Care of Your Movers

If you want your movers to do a great job, it’s nice to have water, snacks, and a bathroom ready for them. Energised movers do an excellent job!

Moving day can be as easy or stressful as you make it. Stay positive, work hard, and it will go smoothly! Check your lists and do a double walk-through to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind.

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How does Preparing for Movers in Advance Help?

How does Preparing for Movers in Advance Help

Getting ready for movers in advance has many benefits, making the whole moving process easier. Here’s how it helps:

Effecient Organisation

Planning early helps you arrange your stuff in a smart way. You can sort things, put labels on boxes, and make a list, making it simpler for you and the movers on moving day.

Less Stress on Moving Day

When you get ready early, you avoid a last-minute rush and stress on moving day. Everything is in order, and you can focus on watching over the process instead of dealing with unexpected issues.

Good Time Management

Having enough time to get ready lets you finish tasks bit by bit. You can handle one thing at a time, spreading the work and making sure nothing gets forgotten.

Smart Packing

Getting ready early helps you pack your things carefully. You can protect fragile items, label boxes correctly, and make sure everything is packed well, lowering the chance of things getting damaged during the move.

Smooth Planning with Movers

Talking to the moving company early allows for better planning. You can talk about specific needs, share what you prefer, and make sure the movers know about your expectations.

Avoiding Last-Minute Problems

By dealing with possible issues early, like things in the way at the new place or special needs for certain items, you can avoid problems at the last minute and make sure the move goes smoothly.

Money-Saving Ideas

Planning early might help you find money-saving ideas. For instance, if you clear out things early, you might only need a smaller moving truck, saving money on transportation.

Personalised Planning

Everyone’s move is different. Getting ready early lets you plan on the basis of your own needs, making sure your move is organised and works well for you.

Tips for Hiring Movers

Let’s get some much-needed tips for hiring reliable and professional movers.

  • Look for good moving companies by reading reviews, asking friends, and checking references.
  • Ask several movers for prices and services to find one that fits your budget and needs.
  • Make sure the moving company is licensed and insured to protect your belongings.
  • Choose in-home estimates instead of over-the-phone quotes for accurate assessments.
  • Pick movers with clear pricing to avoid hidden fees. Ask for a detailed breakdown of costs.
  • Check the company’s complaint history through reviews to ensure reliability.
  • Find out how experienced the movers are, especially for unique items or long-distance moves.
  • Clarify the insurance coverage for your belongings in case of damage or loss.
  • Confirm if movers offer extra services like packing or storage to save time.
  • Before signing, read and understand the contract terms, services, fees, and dates.
  • Ask friends or family for recommendations or check online communities for insights.
  • Keep open communication with the moving company. Share your expectations and concerns clearly.

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Wrapping Up

In closing, getting ready for a move doesn’t have to be too much. Just follow these easy tips to make everything go smoother and stress-free. Don’t forget, what to do before the movers come is all about cleaning up, putting things in order, and planning. Whether you’re marking boxes, cleaning your stuff, or being nice to your movers, these little steps can make your moving day go really well. So, relax, stay happy, and handle each job step by step. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for an easy move to your new home. 


When should I start the pre-move checklist?

Start as early as possible, ideally 8 weeks before your move, to have ample time for planning and preparations.

What are the essential tasks in preparing for a move checklist?

Important jobs involve cleaning up, putting things in order, making a list, telling utility companies, and arranging for movers.

When to book movers?

Book the movers early—ideally, at least 8 weeks before your move. This secures your preferred date and makes sure your move is smooth and organised.

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