How do I Pack up a House to Move with Easy Way Removals?

How do I Pack up a House to Move with Easy Way Removals

Imagine this: you’re sitting in your comfy living room, surrounded by boxes, tape, and lots of stuff you’ve collected over the years. You’re moving to a new house soon, but the idea of packing gives shivering on your body. 

Just as you’re wondering where to begin, a friend tells you about Easy Way Removals. Curious about what they do, you decide to check them out. 

Easy Way Removals helps people pack their things and move them safely. They take care of everything from packing to transporting your belongings. 

Becoming interested in their promise to make moving stress-free, you decide to learn, “How do I pack up a house to move with Easy Way Removals?”

Here’s How Easy Way Removals Help You Pack up Your House

Provide Packing Supplies

Offer Packing Tips

Pack Room by Room

Label Boxes

Protect Fragile Items

Handle Heavy Items

Unload at Your New Home

Provide Unpacking Help

Tips for Packing a House to Move with Easy Way Removals

Tips for Packing a House to Move with Easy Way Removals

So, how do I pack up a house to move with Easy Way Removals?

Moving to a new house can feel like a big job, but Easy Way Removals can show you the easiest way to pack a house for moving. 

Here’s how they can help you pack up smoothly:

Start with Non-Essentials

First, pack things you don’t use much, like holiday decorations or extra kitchen stuff. Easy Way Removals will give you sturdy boxes and packing materials to keep everything safe.

Keep Drawers Together

Instead of emptying drawers, Easy Way Removals suggests keeping them as they are. Take the drawers out and cover them with plastic or a bin bag. This saves space and keeps things organised.

Use Pots for Small Items

Easy Way Removals recommends using pots to pack small items such as spices or accessories. Fill the pots, and wrap them in plastic or paper to pack them neatly.

Leave Clothes on Hangers

You can save time by keeping your clothes on hangers. Then, cover them with a bag to keep them clean and ready to hang in your new closet.

Label Your Boxes

Easy Way Removals labels each box with the room it belongs to. This makes unpacking easier later. They can even help print labels for you.

Take a Photo of Your TV Setup

Before unplugging your TV, take a picture of the back. This helps remember where all the cables go when setting it up again in your new home. The same technique goes for every electric appliance.

Use Towels for Protection

Wrap fragile items in towels to keep them safe during the move. It saves space and keeps delicate things from breaking.

Label Your Wires

Keep cords organised by wrapping them up and labelling them. Easy Way Removals recommends using empty toilet paper rolls to keep everything tidy and easy to identify.

Use Suitcases for Heavy Items

Pack heavy things like books or tools in suitcases with wheels. It’s easier to move them this way.

Plan Your Meals

Easy Way Removals suggests planning your meals before moving day. This means using up food that could go bad, like milk or vegetables, before you move. It helps you pack your kitchen without wasting food. 

This way, you won’t have to throw away good food when you leave your old home. It’s a smart way to save money and make moving day go more smoothly!

Pack a Two-Day Bag

Prepare a bag with things you’ll need for the first couple of days in your new home. This saves you from searching through boxes right away.

Vacuum Last

Give your old home a quick vacuum after moving big furniture. It’s kind and leaves the place clean for the next people.

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How to Pack a House to Move Quickly

How to Pack a House to Move Quickly

Sometimes, there comes a situation where you’ve to move within a day, two days, or two weeks, basically within a short period of time.

So, at this point, you should learn some hacks for packing your house so that you can instantly move it.

Can You Pack up a House in a Day?

Though this is not recommended, it is possible. How?

  • Don’t panic: It’ll just eat up your time. Be super-strict with what stays and what goes. Donate or sell things in bulk online or have a quick yard sale.
  • Pack the important stuff first: Make a “First Night Box” where you’ll pack those items that you need right away, like clothes, a toothbrush, and medicine.
  • Use colours: Use different coloured markers to mark boxes for each room. Red for the kitchen, blue for the bathroom. It makes unpacking easier!
  • Ask for help: Get friends or family to help you pack and write on boxes.

Remember, take breaks and stay fueled with snacks and drinks to keep your energy up.

How to Pack a House in 2 Days

Here’s how to pack your house in just two days:

Day 1:

  • Start with big things: Pack furniture, appliances, and other large items first.
  • Go room by room: Begin with rooms you don’t use much, then move to the ones you use a lot.
  • Label boxes right away: Write on each box what’s inside and which room it goes to.
  • Pack what you need for the night: Put essentials like pyjamas and toiletries in a bag.

Day 2:

  • Pack smaller stuff: Put away things like dishes, clothes, and personal stuff.
  • Check everything: Look through each room to make sure you packed everything and put the right labels.
  • Clean up: Clean your old place so it’s nice for the next people moving in.

How to Pack up a House in 2 Weeks

If you have two weeks to pack, here’s how to do it step by step:

  • Start early: Begin packing things you don’t need right away, like holiday decorations or clothes you don’t wear now.
  • One room at a time: Focus on one room first, then move to the next one. It keeps things neat.
  • Label boxes: Write on each box what’s inside and where it goes, like “Kitchen” or “Living Room.”
  • Pack a little each day: Put things in boxes a bit every day so you don’t have to rush at the end.
  • Get rid of stuff: Give away or throw out things you don’t use anymore while you pack. You can give your furniture and household items to charities like Furnishing Futures and The British Heart Foundation. If you have clothes to give away, a service called iCollect can come to your home to pick them up.
  • Save what you use: Keep things you need every day until the last, so you can get them fast.

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How Long Does It Take to Pack up a House to Move?

How Long Does It Take to Pack up a House to Move?

Packing up your house before a move can take different amounts of time depending on how much stuff you have and how well you prepare. 

Here are some simple guidelines:

House Size

Plan to spend about one day in each room in your house. For example, if you live in a two-bedroom home, it might take you around three days to pack everything.

Amount of Stuff

The more things you have, the longer it will take to pack. Rooms with lots of stuff, like the garage or a craft room, could take several days to sort through and pack up.

Being Organised

Being organised helps speed things up. If your rooms are neat and you have a plan, packing will be quicker and easier.


Getting friends or family to help out can make packing go faster. With more people pitching in, you can get the job done more quickly.

These tips give you a rough idea, but it’s smart to add an extra day or two to your schedule just in case.

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Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you’ve got a pretty understanding, “How do I pack up a house to move with Easy Way Removals?” Moving with Easy Way Removals is like having friends who help you bring all your stuff to your new house. They make moving easy and exciting, so you can start exploring your new home right away!

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