Easy Tips on How to Move Large Potted Plants

How to Move Large Potted Plants

Moving to a new home is exciting, but taking your big plant buddies along might worry you a bit. Many people wonder, “How to move large potted plants,” and it’s a good question because plants need some extra love when moving. 

Here’s a quick guide for you: Trim your plants a few weeks before, wrap the soil with plastic, use light containers, put padding around them, water them well, and think about what each plant needs during the move. When you get to your new place, create a special plant spot for them to settle in before finding their permanent homes. 

Now, let’s dive into these simple tips on how to move plants to a new house to make sure your large potted plants are happy and healthy there.

How to Move Large Potted Plants

Large Potted Plants

Let’s explore simple ways to move your big plants without any fuss:

Plan Ahead

Before you start plants moving, it’s important to plan. Think about how big and heavy they are. Get strong boxes, pack stuff, and find a good way to move them.

Prune and Trim

A few weeks before moving, give your plants a little trim or pruning. This makes them smaller and safer to move. Take off any dead or yellow leaves so your plants stay healthy.

Secure the Soil

Stop the soil from spilling during the move. Cover the top of the pots with plastic wrap or a trash bag. This also makes unpacking and planting them again easier.

Use Proper Containers

If you can, move your plants to light plastic containers. It makes them lighter and easier to carry. Heavy pots, especially concrete ones, can be hard to move, so switch them to lighter pots for a while. So, how to transfer a plant? Transfer a plant by gently removing it from the pot, placing it in a new one, and watering it.

Cushion and Support

Put padding, like newspaper or bubble wrap, around the bottom of your plants. This keeps them safe from bumps during the move.

Create a Plant List

Make a list of all your plants and what they need. This helps when you unpack and decide where each plant should go. Different plants need different amounts of sunlight and water, so it’s good to know their needs.

Water Wisely

Water your plants well a day or two before moving. This helps them stay hydrated during the trip. But don’t give them too much water – it can make a mess and make the pots heavy.

Consider the Temperature

Moving in very hot or very cold weather can stress plants. If you’re going a long way, try to travel when it’s not too hot or too cold. But, if you can’t, cover your plants with a light cloth or move them when it’s cooler.

Label Fragile

Put a label on the boxes saying “Fragile” so people know to be careful. Movers and helpers will handle them with care.

Set Up a Plant Corner

When you get to your new home, make a special spot for your plants. Unpack them first and let them get used to their new home before finding their final places. This makes them less stressed and helps them settle in.

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What Do You Do If You Want to Move Big Pots with Plants?

Moving Big Pots with Plants

So, how to move a heavy potted tree? Moving big plant pots doesn’t have to be hard. If you’re changing your garden or moving, here’s a simple guide on how to move those heavy plant containers easily.

Step 1: Use a Trundler

When you first put your plant in the pot, plan ahead by getting a trundler – a small frame with wheels. This handy tool makes it easy to move and turn the plant for care and lets you clean and rearrange it easily. 

When buying a trundler, see if the wheels can lock, especially if it’s windy where you live. If not, think about using chocks to stop it from moving accidentally.

Step 2: Utilise a Trolley

For big and heavy pots, a trolley can be super helpful. Buy or rent a trolley that’s wide enough for your pot. Make sure it can move on the ground where you are, like stairs or rough areas. 

When putting the pot on the trolley, ask at least three strong people for help because moving a heavy pot needs strength. Use straps to tie the pot to the trolley so it stays in place when you move it.

Step 3: Try a Cardboard Box

For pots that aren’t too heavy but are a bit hard to lift, you can use a cardboard box. Flatten the box completely and slide it under the pot with someone helping you lift it. Make sure the pot is in the middle of the box, then move the pot to its new spot by sliding the cardboard. 

Once the pot is where you want it, take away the cardboard – you can tear it off because the part under the pot will break down over time.

By following these simple steps, you’ve effectively moved your large plant pots. Whether you used a trundler, trolley, or cardboard box, these ways work for different pot sizes and weights. They make moving easy without causing harm to you or your surroundings.

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Wrapping Up

To sum it up, moving big potted plants doesn’t have to be hard. If you follow these simple tips on “How to Move Large Potted Plants,” you can make sure it’s easy and not stressful for your plant pals to go to their new home.

Just plan ahead, keep the soil safe, use the right containers, and give good support during the move. If you take a little time to care for them and get ready, your plants will be happy in their new place, and moving will be a good experience for both you and your leafy friends.


How to move a heavy concrete planter?

To move a heavy concrete planter, use a dolly or enlist help for lifting and transporting.

What is the best way to transplant plants?

To transplant plants successfully, choose a suitable location, dig a proper hole, and water thoroughly.

How to transport plants when moving long distances?

For long-distance moving with plants, secure them in sturdy boxes, provide proper cushioning, and avoid overwatering.

How to pack plants for moving?

Pack plants for moving by securing pots, using cushioning, and avoiding overwatering to prevent spills.

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