Man and Van – Useful Removal Offices and Houses Services

Man and van is a service in London with flexibility, skills and expertise, in-depth local knowledge, quick response, affordability, and insurance. We offer the services man with a van, house removal experts London, office Removals Company London, packers and movers London.

Usually, the vans are Luton styles that have a high ceiling, and you can load, arrange, and stand up your boxes and furniture inside the van. Plus, this service provides the men and vans with tail lift that you can load the bulky items like sofas, washings machines, and other things.

man and van removals

Not only competent but also our services are reliable and cheap. We are serving the people from 2015. If you are looking for help to move house, then the easiest and cheapest way is to hire the man with a van. Your hired man will drive the van, load it, and unload it.

Moreover, he will take care of everything that is you. It doesn’t matter which thing you want to move. We are providing different services. Let me discuss the services!

Man with a Van Services

We have various types of Man and Van Removals. So, you can hire the man with a van according to your budget for home or office removals in London. For job details, you have to fill the removal date, select the van size according to the items, and choose the men and hours.

Furthermore, write the complete address. Select the property, floor from, and mention that lift is available or not. After that, type or provide the complete list of the items which you want to move. If you’re going to pick some items from another place, then select the option yes or no. In this way, you can get an affordable man with a van.

House Removals Experts London

We have 5 years of continuous experience in business and our hundreds of satisfied customers make us more confident. Man and Van London service is the best choice for the people who need a home or office removals in London.

You should always in search of the new house without taking the stress of removals. The reason is that we will provide very affordable facilities. Plus, our vans and men can take you to any part in London with responsibilities.

Moreover, our team will provide the safe and protective materials packing. Many types of equipment are available in our vans that help to disassemble, packing, and assemble large items like furniture and washing machines.

Office Removals Company London

As you know, to remove the house is stressful, but the removal of the offices is more difficult in London. It may be impossible to continue the business while you move one place to another. If you want to remove the office, then it can be done easily and quickly by a man with a van London.

Time is money, and you have to spend it by choosing the best moving company. Also, time is the great witness of our company and services. We are flexible, fully trusted and insured. Plus, we can carry you in a night at your selected place or destination.

Furthermore, we have experienced and trusted men with vans that can remove you quickly and safely. Don’t worry about your material because we can provide a packing service. Man and Van in London provides the great service of removals for the people who like to hire the professionals.

Additionally, our team offers professionalism and reliability in moving services. Don’t think that we provide professionalism for special customers because the services are for both individual and businessman. The price of the removal services starts from 50 pounds. So, you can pay the major payment through PayPal, Credit Card, and Debit Card or cash .

Packers and Movers London

Man and van Luton provides the packing service with high-quality materials and skilled men. Our service will make sure that your journey will be the safest. Since packing is a trade, therefore we recommend you choose the professionals.

If talking about the furniture removal, then we wrap each piece with the special furniture protector Jiffy. Upholstery also remains safe with the same cover. When you order to pack the clothes, we pack them into the long cardboards and wardrobe in specific CDs and moving boxes.

Plus, we pack the fragile items in boxes along with a lot of bubbles and padding. Also, all the things are marked with the place which they come from that to place the items at the right place is possible to easy. We complete removals of a minimum of 30 offices and homes in London every week. Want to know about our packing knowledge? Then, you should look below!

  • Art of Packing
  • System Packing
  • Easy Identification
  • Quality Packing Materials
  • Knowledge and Skills

What can you get in Man and Van Removal Service?

A lot of removal companies are available in London, and it may be possible that you are worried about choosing the best one. You can decide after knowing about the facilities. So, we built the removal service of high quality and at an affordable price. Also, our experienced and clients’ trust is a witness of our soulful work. Our purpose is to satisfy the customers. Let’s talk in detail!


We provide the facilities according to the customers’ wishes. Plus, our services are in a wide range that we can cover all the facets of deliveries, storage, and moving. That’s why flexibility is the priority of our service. It may be possible that you want to get the service that is not present in our list. So, you should contact us.

Skills and Expertise

Knowledge, skills, and solid expertise very matter in a good moving company. Therefore, we have highly skilled and experienced workers for driving, packing, loading, unloading, and delivery. Even you don’t need to take stress for anything in the removal process.

In-Depth Local Knowledge

It may be possible that you are worried about the local knowledge of our workers. So, we pick the drivers that know about the maximum-paths of London. Since we provide the services in different cities, therefore our drivers know each street around their location.

If you want to reach the destination quickly and traffic problems are also occurring, then don’t worry. Contact us and hire an experienced man with a van. The reason is that our drivers can take you to the destination in a short time despite traffic issues.

Quick Response

Many people contact us to remove the offices and homes. Do you know? We respond to the customers quickly at even a short message or notice. Also, we are available for seven 7 days and 24 hours. Our team will do ever possible to try to reach you.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter that we have to travel at night or day and go on a long journey or end the corner of London. We satisfy the customers only and take all the stress of removal of the offices or houses for them.


The budget issue is the main problem for every person. If you are looking for affordable and cheap service, then a man with van London is the superb choice. We provide removal services at a very cheap rate as compared to the other services in London.

Contact us where you have to go. Our highly skilled team will drive, load, unload, and pack the materials for you at the same cost. You have to pay the charges only for hiring the man with a van. If you have a debit card, credit card, and PayPal, then we accept.


As you know Easy Way Removals offering a seamless and safe service. Along with this, we have covered you if the situation goes wrong. Don’t need to worry because our men and vans are fully insured so that you can travel without any problem. And you can expect from any company that has positive feelings for you.

How much does a man with a van cost?

If you hire an average van with a man for one hour, then you have to pay 40ph pounds. Likewise, you have to pay 50ph pounds per hour for booking the Luton van with a man. The price of one hour is 90 pounds if you book the Luton lorry van with a man.

What does a man with a van do?

Man and van network provides the facilities to the people who want the removals offices and houses in London with load and unload service.

How much does it cost to hire a moving van?

The local movers’ charges are 40ph GBP . If they travel the long distance, then the extra charges are 200 GBP.

Final Thoughts

As a result, man and van are the excellent services in London for the removal the offices and houses. It is very affordable, flexible, useful, and fully insured. If you want to know about Man and Van Leicester, Man and Van near Me, and Man and Van Hire, then don’t need to worry. You should write the questions in the comment to get more details. Keep visiting this platform for the latest updates. Thanks!